About Hegemonalia


Hegemonalia Grand Tournament is a multisystem tournament organised by the Hegemon Shop in cooperation with Żywieckie Stowarzyszenie Fantastyki Parzenica and Drop Zone

This is the third edition of this extraordinary event! Hegemonalia is one of the biggest war games tournaments in Poland and this year up to 200 players will play at once! What's more, the tournament takes place right in the middle of Poland

A huge prize pool, a FANTASTIC after-party in the bar on island and many facilities during the tournament - drinks, snacks, deck chairs, everything a wargamer could need - are waiting for you

This is the only tournament of its kind in Poland where players of as many as three systems can integrate at one tournament!
We invite everyone to this great celebration of war games!
We guarantee you won't regret it

Hegemonalia Grand Tournament to wielosystemowy turniej organizowany przez Hegemon Shop we współpracy z Żywieckim Stowarzyszeniem Fantastyki Parzenica oraz Drop Zone.

To już trzecia edycja tego niezwykłego wydarzenia! Hegemonalia to jeden z największych turniejów bitewniakowych w Polsce, a w tym roku zagra aż 200 graczy jednocześnie! Co więcej, turniej odbywa się w samym środku Polski.

Ogromna pula nagród, FANTASTYCZNE after party w barze na wyspie i wiele udogodnień podczas turnieju - napoje, przekąski, leżaki, wszystko, czego wargamer może potrzebować - czekają na Ciebie.

To jedyny taki turniej w Polsce, gdzie gracze aż trzech systemów mogą się integrować się w ramach jednego turnieju!
Zapraszamy wszystkich na to wielkie święto gier bitewnych! Gwarantujemy, że nie będziecie żałować.

Game systems that will be played


Our Sponsors

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Army Painter
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The Game Rules

Here are all the Rules that will be used

Warhammer 40.000 Team Rules



- We’re using 10th edition rules, with all codexes, FAQs, Chapter Approved, WTC FAQs released
before 26.05.
- we’ll be playing on 60x44” tables,
- Each game uses a fixed game length: 5 turns will be played,
-It is BOTH players’ responsibility to ensure mandatory things that happen in the game take place. It is customary to ask your opponent at the end of his movement phase if he is sure he does not want to bring any reserves on before moving on to the next phase.
- The terrain is placed by players, for each table there will be a set of terrains that players have to set up following the table layout. Players are expected to set up terrains on their table for the next mission after finishing the game.
- If something is not in the rules pack the referees can (and will) make relevant rulings during the tourney.
- The players are required to have the relevant rules, faqs etc. for their army,
- The players can, for whatever reason, choose not to play the game- there are 2 options that can be taken:
a) tactical draw- 10:10 match points (0:0 victory points)
b) walkover- 20:0 (50:0)

This has to be communicated ASAP to a referee.


Sequence of events:

-Captains roll off to determine which team will get to choose its table first. That team gains the “table choice” token and becomes Team A.

-Team A and Team B secretly choose their first defender and reveal them simultaneously.
-After that, Team A and Team B secretly choose their two attackers for the given defender
and reveal them simultaneously. At this point there are two players available remaining in each team.
-Team A takes the two attackers given by team B, and secretly chooses which one is refused.
-Team B does the same with the two attackers selected by Team A. The refused Attackers are revealed simultaneously.
-The refused attackers return to the pool of players of each team. At this point two pairings are determined and there are three players remaining in each pool.
-Starting with Team A, the two defenders pick their tables. After this swap table choice token.

-Team A and Team B secretly choose their second defender and reveal them simultaneously.
-Team A takes the two attackers given by team B, and secretly chooses which one is refused.
-Team B does the same with the two attackers selected by Team A. The refused Attackers are revealed simultaneously. They will automatically be designated to play the 5th game of
the round and face each other.
-Starting with Team B, defenders pick their tables. This leaves one table unpicked which will be the table for the refused attackers.
(Order of Table Choice Team A -> Team B -> Team B -> Team A ->Remaining Table)

Round 1: Search & Destroy/Chilling Rain/Take & Hold
Round 2: Crucible of Battle / Chilling Rain / Supply Drop
Round 3: Sweeping Engagement / Chilling rain / Priority Targets
Round 4: Hammer & Anvil / Chilling Rain / Vital Ground
Round 5: Search & Destroy / Chilling Rain/ Scorched Earth

Maps: TBA


TourneyKeeper: https://tourneykeeper.net/Team/TKTeamAbout.aspx?Id=7200
Team Composition:
1. Teams of 5 players
2. No codexes/indexes/faqs published after  26.05.2024 may be used.
3. - Strikeforce
- 2000pts
- Forge World allowed
- Legends not allowed
- WTC base size document should be used in regards to how model should be based
Factions in team:
For the purpose of factions at Hegemonalia, a single book, like Codex: Space Marines, or Codex:
Aeldari, will always use up the slot as soon as one of the armies/factions that is listed within it, or stems from any supplements that are released for it, are taken in a team. This means for instance that when an ANHRATHE, ASURYANI, HARLEQUINS or YNNARI units is featured in a team,
none of these units may be featured in another list on the team.
List of the codex books that are available:
Space Marines
Grey Knights
Adeptus Custodes
Adeptus Mechanicus
Adepta Sororitas
Astra Militarum
Questor Imperialis
Imperial Agents
Tau Empire
Genestealer Cults
Craftworld Eldar
Leagues of Votann
Heretic Astartes
Chaos Daemons
Thousand Sons
Questor Traitoris
World Eaters

*The teams have to submit all their lists in the Tourney Keeper!
*The list needs to be written in accordance with WTC rulespack.
*The player needs to register in Tourney Keeper:
*Sending valid rosters until the end of:  03.06.2024
*Uploading valid and corrected rosters in Tourney Keeper until the end of: 05.06.2024
*Round 1 pairings will be available a day after all the rosters are sent. The teams are then required
to check their opponents lists for any errors and post them in a single message from the team

captain on the forum. If you found no errors please type “TEAM X – OK”. You will have until the
end of 04.06.2024 to check them.
*Corrections to any errors have to be uploaded to Tourney Keeper until the end of: 05.06.2024
Failure to do so will result in penalty points.


Registration: 8:30-9:00
Game 1:  9:00-12:30
Game 2: 12:45-16:15
Dinner break: 16:15-17:00
Game 3: 17:00-20:30
Game 4: 9:00-12:30
Game 5: 12:45-16:15
Awards ceremony: 16:15-16:45


Individual Scoring
Victory points scored by each player for his team are cumulative from these parts:
-Primary objectives
-Secondary objectives
A tabling does not automatically give a player 20 points. Instead the player who is not tabled continues to play the game until a natural conclusion.
VP Differential..............Game score
0-5 ...............................  10 - 10
6-10 .............................. 11 - 9
11-15 ...........................   12 - 8
16-20 ...........................  13 - 7
21-25 ...........................  14 - 6
26-30 ...........................  15 - 5
31-35 ...........................   16 - 4
36-40 ...........................  17 - 3
41-45 ...........................  18 - 2
46-50 ...........................  19 - 1
51+ ..............................  20 - 0

Team score:
56-100  Win (2 round points)
45-55    Draw (1 round point)
0-44-    Lose (0 round points)


Players Penalties:
a) Warning
no penalty, but a second warning or additiona reprimand results in yellow card.

b) Reprimand
up to 10 points for the player, second reprimand or additional warning results in yellow card

c) Yellow card
-10-25 points for the player. 2 Yellow Cards will result in a Red Card.

d) Red card
-100 points and the player is immediately expelled from the tourney and all his scores are changed
to 0:20. The team can put in a substitute player

e) The referees have the right to escalate any penalty, depending on the gravity of the situation,
which means that player can get a red card without previous yellow card of warning, if gravity of
the situation is serious.

Teams Penalties:
Any penalties occurred during tournament as a result of player infraction also incur a team cumulative penalty.
a) 1st infraction - Official team warning
b) 2nd infraction – 10 Game Points per team
c) 3rd infraction – 20 Game Points per team
d) 4th infraction – 30 Game Points per team


- Each model needs to be assembled and have WYSIWYG
- The armies do have to be properly painted and modeled
Battle Ready :
All models must be glued and/or magnetized and fully painted,
By a painted model we mean one that has been painted in at least three colors with some
shading (i.e. contrast or speed spaints, drybrush). Abusing this rule will be penalized (black
model with two dots in different colors is not acceptable)

Monochromatic painting schemes, ghost armies, etc. must be individually approved by the organizer,

The base must be prepared. A prepared base means:
a) a base with Texture paint from GW (or equivalent from another company) applied
b) a base with some form of sand, static grass, cork, etc. glued on and painted
c) a stage base, painted

Models must be WYSIWYG of all weapon elements that have some choice (i.e. special weapons, systems, mutations, etc.),
The same units must have distinctions such as:
a) different colors of the base edges
b) differently painted shoulder pads
c) colored rubber bands applied to the modele
d) anything else that will enable them to be distinguished at first glance

Any model found violating this rules will be removed from play. If you’re unsure if your army is battle ready contact us at refs40k@gmail.com
- Players using converted or alternative models are expected to contact refs with photos of such models at 40k discord or via mail (refs40k@gmail.com) in regards of being allowed to use them.
While providing the photo a player is expected to show his converted/alternative model next to an assembled, unaltered original.

Failure to do so may result in the models being removed from play

- Any size difference between a model being used and currently sold, normally assembled one is also subject to the rule above.



THE RULES & SCORING - How will it play out?

Sign up in Best Coast Pairings - https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/X65DG3CD31
Rosters uploaded to BCP will not count as submitted for the event.
Submit your roster to dropzonekt@gmail.com. The registration e-mail has to include the following:
Title: Registration 2024 Nationals - 06.2024
Your first and last name
Roster attached to the registration e-mail. The team you submit can be changed later. Roster will only be accepted if is provided in the linked format or its *.pdf version.
Roster file has to have at least your last name in the title and the name of the team you will be
playing, e.g. John Doe - Grey Knights
Rosters should be submitted no later than 23:59 on 24.05.2024.

Any rosters shared after the deadline (including changing previously chosen team) will result in 10 small points being deducted from final standings.

Round time: 100 minutes (40 to 45 min per player). If you are asked to play with a chess clock, you
compromise and play with the chess clock.
We encourage everyone to play with chess clock, so everyone plays the same amount of Kill
Prize Pool:
- Best Painted
- Best Converted
- Top 8
- Best result Day 1 and Day 2
- Youngest player (U-18)
- Longest travel (international and we will think of domestic one too)
As usual, we also expect to have plenty of stuff to give away to others, so everyone gets
Best painted vote will be a combination of players vote and independent reviewers, who will judge
whose models are the prettiest in the whole wide tournament.


The event will be held in line with latest designers commentary, errata and FAQ released up until
29.05.2024. If a balance dataslate or any other change would be released after that, its impact will
be evaluated and depending on the changes it might be applicable for the event.
During the event we will play with: doors, hatches, scalable terrain, scramble over.
We will use the following terrain:
- Open
- Into the Dark
- Bheta Decima*
* - Some rules will require an explanation which will be provided as soon as possible to ensure
clarity during the event.
The number of Bheta Decima tables will not be proportionate to open and Into the Dark boards (we
will not have 1/3 of each terrain types).
As Bheta Decima is still being tested as viable tournament option, it is possible it will not be used in
the tournament if it remains unbalanced and would have very negative impact on the game.


Day 1:
- Loot
- Secure
- Capture
Day 2:
- Secure
- Loot

- Capture
Top 8: randomly selected before the round.
IMPORTANT: Final round for the top 8 will not be played at BD.
All missions will be played on pre-defined tables, randomly set before the event.
We strongly recommend to bring the following:
- order and equipment tokens
- barricades
- tac ops cards
- measures
- dice
- pen
We do reserve rights not to allow new releases to the tournament if those Kill Teams would be
bullshit strong and game breaking (e.g. Chaos Cult, Inquisition, or pre-nerf Pathfinders).
If anyone under 18 years of age would like to play, they are either required to attend with their legal
guardian or have a written confirmation from their legal guardian that they can participate, including
contact detalis (e.g. phone number).
By signing up, participants agree to their personal data to be processed in an extent necessary to
conduct and promote the event and update our league table


Day 1 (Saturday):
10:00-10:30 Arrival and registration
10:30-12:10 Round 1
12:20–14:00 Round 2
14:00-15:00 Dinner
15:00-16:40 Round 3
Day 2 (Sunday):
9:00-9:10 Arrival and registration
9:10-10:40 Round 4
10:50-12:20 Round 5
12:20-13:20 Dinner
13:20-14:50 Round 6
15:00-16:30 Round 7 (for top 8)
16:30-17:00 Results and Awards


During the event WYSIWYG will be checked - if you have a converted, kitbashed or 3d printed
model, please make sure it will be allowed during the event.
Please submit pictures and information about the model/s to dropzonekt@gmail.com so we can
avoid potential surprises.
Only models with original base sizes will be allowed!
If your model has a scenic base - please send us pictures via e-mail, so we can confirm that this is
not modelling for advantage.



Registration and Basic Rules

Registration deadline: 01.06 20:00
Players signup through asoiaf-stats:

Player deploy terrains according to Player Chosen rule (2 pieces per player)

We play according to current rules (Rulebook S04, FAQ S04 and Polish Team Championship 2024 FAQ). Any rules changes that occur after list deadline (01.06 20:00) will not apply during this event. In case of any doubts regarding rules/interaction, final word on that matter belongs to the referee. Disputing referee decision can be sanctioned accordingly (including removal of player from the event).

Only models and units available in standard US/EU/PL distribution are allowed to be used. No proxies allowed. Heavily altered/alternative models (that are based on original models) have to be accepted by TO. In order to get your models approved, you can contact TO via: zofialesniak44@gmail.com

To make communication with referee easier, next to each table you’ll be able to find red cards. If situations arises where you need referee help, you can raise your card up and wait for referee to react and come to help you.
Mandatory equipment of each player:
-Original models and trays for their armies.
-Set of tokens necessary for the game.
-Set of D6 dices with D3 dice.
-Mission and objective cards
-Tactics deck corresponding to their lists
-Terrain set, corresponding to those from starter set.


During the event, competition for best painted army will be held. During lunchbreak on 1st day, player will be able to enter their armies for the competition.
Dedicated jury will pick best looking
Winner will be awarded with a modeling-related gift.


Saturday 08.06.2024
9:00 - 9:30 Registration
9:30 - 11:45 Round 1 - Here We Stand
12:00 - 14:00 Round 2 - A Dance with Dragons
14:00 - 15:00 Lunchbreak
15:00 - 17:00 Round 3 - A Feast For Crows
17:15 - 19:15 Round 4 - Game of Thrones
Sunday 09.06.2024
10:00 - 12:00 Round 5 - Dark Wings, Dark Words
12:10 - 14:10 Round 6 - A Clash of Kings
14:20 - 16:20 Round 7 - The Winds of Winter
16:40 – Results and closing ceremony
List deadline and rules cutoff: 01.06 20:00. After that, players will be unable to edit lists entered into
Referee: Zofia Leśniak


Player deploy terrains according to Player Chosen rule (2 pieces per player)
We play according to current rules (Rulebook S04, FAQ S04 and Polish Team Championship 2024 FAQ). Any
rules changes that occur after list deadline (01.06 20:00) will not apply during this event. In case of any
doubts regarding rules/interaction, final word on that matter belongs to the referee. Disputing referee
decision can be sanctioned accordingly (including removal of player from the event).
Only models and units available in standard US/EU/PL distribution are allowed to be used. No proxies
allowed. Heavily altered/alternative models (that are based on original models) have to be accepted by TO.
In order to get your models approved, you can contact TO via: zofialesniak44@gmail.com
To make communication with referee easier, next to each table you’ll be able to find red cards. If situations
arises where you need referee help, you can raise your card up and wait for referee to react and come to
help you.
Mandatory equipment of each player:
-Original models and trays for their armies.
- Set of tokens necessary for the game.
-Set of D6 dices with D3 dice.
-Mission and objective cards
-Tactics deck corresponding to their lists
-Terrain set, corresponding to those from starter set.


By default, each table should be using chess clocks. If both player agree, they don’t have to use one. However, we expect them to be able to play out whole game till the end (either by end of round 6, one of the players reaching 10 VP, or one of the player getting wiped out). If players agree to play without the clock, it’s their responsibility to make it so the game is finished properly.
How to use a chess clock?
1. Goal of clocks is ensuring so both players are given equal amount of time during the game.
2. Intentional stalling and prolonging of the game will be seen as unsportsmanship and can be
sanctioned accordingly. In case of any doubts/issues, we encourage you to notify referees
as fast as possible about the situation.
Chess clock rules
-Total game length is 2 hours. It includes finding your table, getting to know your opponents lists, list selection, deployment and the game itself.
-Each player is responsible for managing their own time.
-By default, clock should be first started when you start deploying - that is, after list selection and after objective tokens are deployed.
-When you first start the clock, check remaining time until the end of the round, subtract 5 minutes from it (as a safeguard in the situation that required referee intervention) and split it equally between both players.
-If game start is delayed by your opponent (opponent doesn’t show up, or takes significantly long to select his list), it’s possible to start the clock early, so that you are not disadvantaged. In that situation, it’s necessary that you notify the referee about the situation before you start the clock.
-Once started, only situation in which you can stop the clock before the game finishes is significant dispute between the players, requiring referee intervention - if such situation
occurs, you should stop the clock until referee is notified. If you need to ask a question regarding rules/interaction, be default it happens on the time of player that wants to ask that
-During the game, all decisions of a player should happen on their time. Players are free to pass the clock between each other, to ensure that each player makes their own decisions
on their own time. By default, your turns should happen on your time. However, if your opponent requires time to utilize his effects during your turn, you should pass the clock to
his time. It is not required to pass the clock for simple things (like rolling defense saves or morale tests) assuming they are done in the timely manner. If you see that your opponent
takes a moment to make a decision during your turn (to decide if he wants to use condition tokens or trigger any of their effects or resolve those effects) you should pass the clock to
their time.
-If a player runs out of time, he is unable to act in any way. He cannot utilize condition tokens, play tactic cards, trigger orders and abilities. Each turn, he will choose one of his
units to activate (if there are any unactivated), and automatically pass with it (he has to do so even if that unit is engaged). He cannot trigger any effects related to activation (play cards, utilize abilities). Only things such a player can do is:
-making defense saves
-making morale tests
-scoring victory points..
All of those acts are to be performed in timely manner. Stalling or delaying those can be sanctioned accordingly. In that situation, you can let your know opponent play on your time.
However, you do it on your own responsibility, and can revoke such right at any given moment.

The Venue & Afterparty

About the Venue

This year's Venue is located in
Hala Sportowa GOSTiR w Rzgowie
Szkolna 5 street, 95-030 Rzgów, Polska

On location
51.66003973960037, 19.496902239867843
by Google Maps Standards

The Map

Venue Social Media

Venue gallery

The Afterparty

Our great After Party will take place on Saturday, June 8

at a climatic "Bar Wyspa Tuszyn" located in Tuszyn near Rzgów.

You can find more info on the location



The Hotels

During our event You can accomodate yourself in one of our partner Hotels. 

You will get special offer upon using special password:

"Hegemonalia" when reserving rooms at:

Bukowiecka Hotel

Bukowiecka Hotel

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/willajadwigabukowiecka/

Adress: Aleja Jana Pawła II 89, 95-080 Tuszyn
Phone: +48 508-185-158
For special offer use password: Hegemonalia

Hotel Eden***

Hotel Eden***

Adress: Letniskowa 11/13, 95-030 Rzgów
Phone: +48 422-278-465 mobile: +48 790-811-111
For special offer use password: Hegemonalia

Willa Pory Roku

Willa Pory Roku

Adress: Rudzka 65, 93-423 Łódź
Phone: +48 500-034-514
Email: willa@poryroku.com
For special offer use password: Hegemonalia

Buy Tickets

Choose Your Game

Warhammer 40.000 Team Entry
5 Person Team entry ticket
lunch on the first day and breakfast on the second day included
Possibility to win GOLDEN TICKET to the World Championships in Atlanta
Warhammer Kill Team
1 Person entry ticket
lunch on the first day and breakfast on the second day included
Possibility to win GOLDEN TICKET to the World Championships in Atlanta
A Song of Ice and Fire
1 Person entry ticket
lunch on the first day and breakfast on the second day included


Po kliknieciu Buy Ticket zostaniesz przeniesiony na stronę EKOBILET naszego partnera w obsłudze rezerwacji, tam zależnie od wybranego biletu będziesz mógł zakupić i opłacić bilet za pomocą szybkich Płatności Bankowych lub Kart.

Całość transakcji zostanie potwierdzona emailem

Once you have clicked on Buy a Ticket, you will be taken to the EKOBILET website of our booking partner, where you will be able to purchase and pay for your ticket using Quick Bank Payment or Card Payment, depending on the ticket you have chosen.

The entire transaction will be confirmed by email


Event Regulations / Regulamin

§1 Postanowienia wstępne

1. Niniejszy regulamin określa zasady uczestnictwa w wydarzeniu HEGEMONALIA GRAND TOURNAMENT (dalej: Turniej).

2. Organizatorem wydarzenia jest Hegemon Shop Sp. z o.o. ul. Stojałowskiego 39, 43-300 Bielsko- Biała, NIP: 9372735932 oraz Żywieckie Stowarzyszenie Fantastyki Parzenica ul. Nad Sołą 983, Wieprz, NIP: 5532534176.

3.Udział w Turnieju tj. akredytacja uprawniająca do wejścia na teren obiektu wymaga zapoznania się z regulaminem i jego akceptacji, potwierdzonej w momencie akredytacji. Regulamin jest dostępny do wglądu w każdym czasie na stronie internetowej https://hegemonalia.com/ (dalej: Strona  Internetowa).

4. Turniej jest wydarzeniem kulturalnym w rozumieniu ustawy z dnia 25 października 1991 r. o organizowaniu i prowadzeniu działalności kulturalnej (Dz.U. 2020 poz. 194 z późn. zm.). Turniej nie podlega przepisom ustawy z dnia 20 marca 2010 r. o bezpieczeństwie imprez masowych (Dz. U. Nr 62, poz. 504) z uwagi na to, że odbywa się w hali sportowej lub budynku szkoły (art. 3 pkt 1b).

5. Organizator ma prawo wyznaczyć Członków Stowarzyszenia reprezentujących jego interesy i koordynujących wydarzenie z ramienia Stowarzyszenia na terenie Turnieju na podstawie
stosownych umów, uchwał i pełnomocnictw.

§2 Termin i miejsce

1. Turniej odbędzie się w dniach 8-9 czerwca 2024 r. w Hali Sportowej GOSTiR w Rzgowie ul. Szkolna 5, 95-030 Rzgów, Polska. Szczegółowy plan Turnieju dostępny jest na Stronie Internetowej.

2. Akredytacja będzie działać w sobotę od 08:00 i w niedzielę od 08:00, aż do jej zamknięcia.

3. Turniej kończy się w niedzielę, 9 czerwca, o godzinie 17:00. Wszyscy uczestnicy proszeni są o opuszczenie budynku do tego czasu.

4. W celu przygotowania obiektu Organizator może udostępnić obiekt wybranym osobom poza godzinami trwania wydarzenia - w szczególności dotyczy to wystawców i obsługi.

§3 Warunki uczestnictwa

1. Każda osoba, która nie jest członkiem Stowarzyszenia, a chce wziąć udział w Turnieju, musi zostać wpisana na listę uczestników w miejscu organizacji Turnieju.

2. Postanowienia §3 punktu 1 niniejszego Regulaminu dotyczą Uczestników Turnieju. Nie dotyczą one osób, z którymi Stowarzyszenie zawarło odrębną umowę lub porozumienie.

3. Nad przestrzeganiem regulaminu czuwają Organizatorzy oraz jego przedstawiciele, ochrona i wolontariusze obsługujący imprezę.

4. Nieprzestrzeganie niniejszego regulaminu może skutkować usunięciem z terenu turnieju.

5. Warunkiem uczestnictwa w imprezie jest udanie się do punktu akredytacyjnego w celu otrzymania opaski. Uczestnik zobowiązany jest do noszenia opaski w miejscu widocznym i możliwym do zidentyfikowania przez obsługę imprezy, a w razie przypadkowego ich zakrycia - do okazania na żądanie obsługi imprezy.

6. Do zakończenia turnieju opaska pozostaje własnością organizatora. Organizator zastrzega sobie prawo do usunięcia opaski uczestnika w przypadku rażącego naruszenia regulaminu i konieczności wydalenia uczestnika z terenu Turnieju.

7. Zabrania się zrywania lub usuwania opaski na terenie Turnieju. Osoby bez opaski zostaną skierowane do punktu akredytacyjnego w celu uzyskania nowej opaski, a w przypadku odmowy - usunięte z terenu konwentu.

8. Podczas akredytacji uczestnik może zostać poproszony o okazanie dokumentu tożsamości ze zdjęciem potwierdzającego imię i nazwisko oraz wiek uczestnika.

9. Osoby niepełnoletnie (w wieku od 12 do 18 lat) uczestniczące w Turnieju bez opieki rodzica lub opiekuna prawnego zobowiązane są dostarczyć do akredytacji pisemną zgodę rodzica lub opiekuna prawnego. Osoby niepełnoletnie bez zgody rodzica oraz dzieci do lat 12 bez obecności rodzica lub opiekuna nie są uprawnione do udziału w Turnieju.

10. Dzieci poniżej 12 roku życia mają wstęp na Turniej wyłącznie pod opieką i stałą opieką rodzica lub opiekuna.

11. Uczestnik Turnieju ma obowiązek przestrzegać Regulaminu turnieju w system (Warhammer 40,000, Kill Team, A Song of Ice and Fire), w którym bierze udział. Regulaminy są dostępne na Stronie Internetowej.

12. Wymagana jest specjalna akredytacja od organizatora w celu:
- prowadzenia stoiska handlowego (akredytacja wystawcy)
- prowadzenia działalności medialnej (w tym fotograficznej z wyłączeniem użytku prywatnego).

13. W celu zapobiegania zakażeniom stosowane będą wszystkie obostrzenia obowiązujące w dniu imprezy, w tym: oświadczenia o stanie zdrowia, pomiar temperatury, obowiązkowa dezynfekcja rąk, zakrywanie ust i nosa, zachowanie dystansu.

14. Organizator zastrzega sobie prawo do odmowy akredytacji osobie, która nie przestrzega obowiązujących przepisów regulujących zasady zapobiegania zakażeniom i/lub do wydalenia takiej osoby w dowolnym momencie trwania Turnieju.

15. Dane przechowywane i gromadzone przez Organizatora na czas trwania imprezy, a wykorzystywane do identyfikatora uczestnika oraz ewidencji na potrzeby jego akredytacji, są przetwarzane zgodnie z Ustawą o ochronie danych osobowych z dnia 10.05.2018 r. (Dz. U. z 2018 r. poz. 1000) i zostaną usunięte po zakończeniu imprezy.

§4 Porządek i bezpieczeństwo

1. Uczestnik ma prawo do:
- udziału w rozgrywkach turniejowych,
- korzystania z udogodnień i atrakcji dostępnych dla Uczestników Turnieju,
- wsparcia informacyjnego ze strony obsługi wydarzenia,
- zapewnienia bezpieczeństwa ze strony ochrony i obsługi imprezy,
- doraźnej opieki medycznej.

2. Opieka świadczona przez służby medyczne ma charakter doraźny. Osoba korzystająca z pomocy
medycznej zobowiązana jest do udzielenia służbie medycznej informacji o swoim stanie zdrowia,
alergiach i przyjmowanych lekach. W uzasadnionych przypadkach służba medyczna może
przetransportować osobę do placówki służby zdrowia.

3. Uczestnikom zabrania się:
- spożywania alkoholu i używania środków odurzających na terenie Turnieju,
- palenia papierosów, papierosów elektronicznych i używania inhalatorów nikotynowych poza miejscami do tego wyznaczonymi,
- działalności reklamowej i marketingowej - poza podmiotami akredytowanymi,
- dewastowania, zaśmiecania lub przywłaszczania mienia szkoły/obiektu i uczestników,
- przebywania w miejscach oznaczonych jako niedostępne dla uczestników.

4. Organizator nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za rzeczy zagubione podczas Turnieju. Wszystkie rzeczy
znalezione przez Uczestników i obsługę wydarzenia zostaną zgłoszone do Organizatorów Turnieju, a po zakończeniu wydarzenia Organizator przechowa zagubione rzeczy przez minimum dwa tygodnie.

5. Organizator nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za szkody materialne i moralne wyrządzone przez innych uczestników. Organizator z należytą starannością udzieli wsparcia uczestnikom w przypadku konieczności ustalenia sprawcy szkody.

6. Uczestnik, który naruszy mienie obiektu, w którym odbywa się impreza, może zostać pociągnięty przez Organizatora do odpowiedzialności finansowej za wynikłe z tego tytułu szkody i usunięty z terenu imprezy.

7. Uczestnicy Turnieju zobowiązani są stosować się do poleceń obsługi Turnieju. Osoby obsługujące imprezę posiadają specjalne koszulki Wśród obsługi wydarzenia wyróżnia się, w kolejności rosnącej odpowiedzialności, następujące osoby:
- Wolontariusze
- Sędziowie
- Organizatorzy
- Główni Organizatorzy
- Personel obiektu, ochrona i służba medyczna.

8. Wszelkie zdarzenia mające wpływ na bezpieczeństwo uczestników Turnieju należy zgłaszać obsłudze wydarzenia.

9. W przypadku podejrzenia popełnienia przestępstwa w zaistniałej sytuacji dotyczącej bezpieczeństwa lub zdrowia uczestników, Organizator niezwłocznie powiadomi odpowiednie służby.

§5 Wykorzystanie wizerunku Uczestnika

1. Warunkiem udziału w Turnieju jest wyrażenie zgody na nieodpłatne wykorzystanie wizerunku Uczestnika utrwalonego w formie fotografii lub zapisu wideo w celach marketingowych i informacyjnych Organizatorów oraz Partnerów Turnieju na zasadach opisanych niżej w niniejszym paragrafie.

2. Uczestnik upoważnia Organizatora do wykorzystania jego utrwalonego wizerunku w następujących
- utrwalanie i zwielokrotnianie jakąkolwiek znaną techniką oraz rozpowszechnianie w dowolnej formie,
- Udostępnianie Sponsorom oraz Oficjalnym Partnerom Organizatora egzemplarza lub kopii, na której utrwalono wizerunek, w celu wykorzystania do promocji Sponsora lub Oficjalnego Partner w zakresie jego udziału w Turnieju,
- Wprowadzenie do pamięci komputera i sieci multimedialnej,
- Zwielokrotnienie zapisu utrwalonego wizerunku,
- Publiczne udostępnianie w taki sposób, aby każdy mógł mieć do niego dostęp w miejscu i czasie przez siebie wybranym,
- Zamieszczanie i publikowanie na stronach internetowych.
Rozpowszechnianie wizerunku, o którym mowa powyżej odbywa się w oparciu o zezwolenie, o którym mowa w art. 81 ust. 1 zd. 1 Ustawy o prawie autorskim i prawach

3. Zezwolenie jest udzielone przez Uczestnika poprzez akceptację niniejszego Regulaminu podczas zakupu biletu online na konkretny turniej na stronie internetowej

4. Zezwolenie udzielone przez Uczestnika w powyższy sposób jest oświadczeniem woli wyrażonym w rozumieniu art. 60 k.c. w związku z art. 81 ust. 1 zd. 1 Ustawy o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych. Oświadczenie woli – zezwolenie nie może być swobodnie cofnięte po wyrażeniu i
zrealizowaniu Wydarzenia, gdyż zgodnie z art. 61 § 1 zd. 2 k.c. odwołanie oświadczenia jest skuteczne, jeżeli doszło jednocześnie z tym oświadczeniem lub wcześniej.

5. Przetwarzanie wizerunku Uczestnika nie narusza przepisów RODO i odbywa się na podstawie art. 6 ust. 1 lit. f) RODO, zgodnie z którym: „Przetwarzanie jest zgodne z prawem, gdy jest niezbędne do celów wynikających z prawnie uzasadnionych interesów realizowanych przez administratora lub przez stronę trzecią”.

6. Lista Oficjalnych Partnerów Organizatora i Sponsorów, którzy mogą publikować wizerunek Uczestnika dostępna jest na Stronie internetowej.

§6 Ochrona danych osobowych

1. Administratorem danych osobowych Uczestników jest Organizator.

2. Dane osobowe Uczestników Turnieju będą przetwarzane przez Organizatora w celu przeprowadzenia Turnieju, w tym przyznania nagród. Przetwarzanie danych osobowych na
potrzeby organizacji Turnieju obejmuje także publikację imienia, nazwiska, nicku, celem opublikowania: paringów i wyników turniejów.

3. Dane osobowe Uczestników będą wykorzystywane i przetwarzane przez Organizatora zgodnie z przepisami powszechnie obowiązującego prawa.

4. Uczestnik ma prawo wglądu do swoich danych osobowych oraz ich poprawiania i uzupełniania.

5. Podanie danych osobowych oraz wyrażenie zgody na ich przetwarzanie jest dobrowolne, jednakże ich niepodanie lub brak zgody na przetwarzanie, ze względów organizacyjnych, uniemożliwia udział w Turnieju.

§7 Postanowienia końcowe

1. Niniejszy Regulamin obowiązuje wszystkie osoby przebywające na terenie Turnieju.

2.  Skargi i wnioski przyjmowane są przez koordynatorów wydarzenia w biurze konwentu oraz na stronie poprzez email: kontakt@parzenica.org.pl.

3. Organizator zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany niniejszego Regulaminu bez obowiązku informowania o tym fakcie.

4. W razie wątpliwości interpretacja Regulaminu należy do Organizatora.

5. We wszystkich sprawach nieuregulowanych w niniejszym regulaminie zastosowanie mają regulamin obiektu oraz przepisy powszechnie obowiązującego prawa.


§1 Preliminary Provisions

1. These regulations define the rules of participation in the HEGEMONALIA GRAND TOURNAMENT event (hereinafter: the Tournament).

2. The organizer of the event is Hegemon Shop Sp. z o.o. located at Stojałowskiego 39, 43-300
Bielsko-Biała, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 9372735932, and Żywieckie Association of Fantasy Parzenica located at Nad Sołą 983, Wieprz, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 5532534176.

3. Participation in the Tournament, i.e., accreditation entitling entry to the venue, requires familiarization with the regulations and acceptance thereof, confirmed at the moment of accreditation. The regulations are available for inspection at any time on the website https://hegemonalia.com/ (hereinafter: Website).

4. The Tournament is a cultural event within the meaning of the Act of October 25, 1991, on organizing and conducting cultural activities (Journal of Laws 2020 item 194 as amended). The Tournament is not subject to the provisions of the Act of March 20, 2010, on safety of mass events (Journal of Laws No. 62, item 504) due to being held in a sports hall or a school building (Article 3 point 1b).

5. The Organizer has the right to designate Association Members representing its interests and
coordinating the event on behalf of the Association at the Tournament venue based on appropriate
agreements, resolutions, and powers of attorney.

§2 Date and Venue

1. The Tournament will take place on June 8-9, 2024, at the GOSTiR Sports Hall in Rzgów located at Szkolna 5, 95-030 Rzgów, Poland. The detailed schedule of the Tournament is available on the Website.

2. Accreditation will be available on Saturday from 08:00 and on Sunday from 08:00 until its closure.

3. The Tournament ends on Sunday, June 9, at 17:00. All participants are requested to leave the building by that time.

4. For the preparation of the venue, the Organizer may provide access to selected individuals outside the event hours, particularly exhibitors and staff.

§3 Conditions of Participation

1. Any person who is not a member of the Association and wishes to participate in the Tournament must be listed as a participant at the Tournament venue.

2. The provisions of §3 point 1 of these Regulations apply to Tournament Participants. They do not apply to persons with whom the Association has concluded a separate agreement or arrangement.

3. Compliance with the regulations is supervised by the Organizers and their representatives, security, and volunteers assisting the event.

4. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in removal from the tournament venue.

5. Participation in the event requires visiting the accreditation point to receive a wristband. The participant is obliged to wear the wristband visibly and identifiable by the event staff, and if accidentally covered, to show it upon request of the event staff.

6. Until the end of the tournament, the wristband remains the property of the organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to remove the participants wristband in case of flagrant violation of the regulations and the need to expel the participant from the Tournament venue.

7. Tearing off or removing the wristband at the Tournament venue is prohibited. Persons without a wristband will be directed to the accreditation point to obtain a new wristband, and in case of refusal, will be removed from the convention venue.

8. During accreditation, the participant may be asked to present an identity document with a photo confirming the participants name, surname, and age.

9. Minors (aged 12 to 18) participating in the Tournament without a parent or legal guardians supervision are required to provide a written consent from a parent or legal guardian to the accreditation. Minors without parental consent and children under 12 years old without the presence of a parent or legal guardian are not entitled to participate in the Tournament.

10. Children under 12 years old are admitted to the Tournament only under the care and constant supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

11. The Tournament participant is obliged to comply with the Tournament regulations in the system (Warhammer 40,000, Kill Team, A Song of Ice and Fire) in which they participate. The regulations are available on the Website.

12. Special accreditation from the organizer is required for:
- conducting a commercial stand (exhibitor accreditation)
- conducting media activities (including photography excluding private use).

13. To prevent infections, all restrictions applicable on the day of the event will be applied,
- health declarations,
- temperature measurement,
- mandatory hand disinfection,
- covering the mouth and nose,
- maintaining distance.

14. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse accreditation to a person who does not comply with the applicable regulations governing infection prevention and/or to expel such a person at any time during the Tournament.

15.Data stored and collected by the Organizer during the event and used for participant identification and registration purposes will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018 item 1000) and will be deleted after the event.

§4 Order and Safety

1. The participant has the right to:
- participate in tournament games,
- use amenities and attractions available to Tournament participants,
- receive informational support from event staff,
- ensure safety from the security and event staff,
- receive emergency medical care.

2. Medical care provided by medical services is of an emergency nature. A person using medical assistance is obliged to provide the medical service with information about their health condition, allergies, and medications taken. In justified cases, the medical service may transport a person to a
healthcare facility.

3. Participants are prohibited from:
- consuming alcohol and using intoxicating substances at the Tournament venue,
- smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and using nicotine inhalers outside designated areas,
- engaging in advertising and marketing activities - except for accredited entities,
- damaging, littering, or appropriating school property and participants property,
- being in areas designated as inaccessible to participants.

4. The Organizer is not responsible for lost items during the Tournament. All items found by participants and event staff will be reported to the Tournament Organizers, and after the event, the Organizer will keep lost items for a minimum of two weeks.

5. The Organizer is not liable for material and moral damages caused by other participants. The Organizer will provide support to participants with due diligence in case of the need to determine the perpetrator of the damage.

6. A participant who damages the property of the venue where the event takes place may be held financially responsible by the Organizer for the damages resulting from this and removed from the event venue.

7. Tournament participants are required to follow the instructions of the Tournament staff. Event staff members have special shirts. Among the event staff, the following persons are distinguished, in increasing order of responsibility:
- Volunteers
- Referees
- Organizers
- Main Organizers
- Venue staff, security, and medical service.

8. All incidents affecting the safety of Tournament participants must be reported to the event staff.

9. In case of suspicion of committing a crime in a situation concerning the safety or health of participants, the Organizer shall immediately notify the appropriate authorities.

§5 Use of Participants Image

1. Participation in the Tournament is conditioned upon consent to the free use of the Participants image captured in the form of photographs or video recordings for marketing and informational purposes of the Organizers and Tournament Partners under the principles described below in this paragraph.

2. The Participant authorizes the Organizer to use their captured image in the following forms:
- Recording and reproduction by any known technique and dissemination in any form,
- Providing to Sponsors and Official Partners of the Organizer a copy or duplicate on which the image is captured for use in promoting the Sponsor or Official Partner regarding their participation in the Tournament,
- Saving to computer memory and multimedia networks,
- Reproduction of the captured image recording,
- Public sharing in such a way that anyone can access it at a place and time of their choosing,
- Posting and publishing on websites.

3. The dissemination of the image as described above is based on the permission referred to in Article 81(1)(1) of the Copyright and Related Rights Act. The permission is granted by the Participant by accepting these Regulations when purchasing an online ticket for a specific tournament on the website https://ekobilet.pl.

4. The permission granted by the Participant in the above manner is a declaration of intent expressed within the meaning of Article 60 of the Civil Code in connection with Article 81(1)(1) of the Copyright and Related Rights Act. The declaration of intent - permission cannot be freely revoked after being expressed and realized, as according to Article 61 § 1 sentence 2 of the Civil Code, withdrawal of the declaration is effective if made simultaneously with this declaration or earlier.

5. Processing of the participants image does not violate the provisions of the GDPR and is based on Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR, according to which "Processing is lawful if it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party."

6. The list of Official Partners of the Organizer and Sponsors who may publish the participants image is available on the Website.

§6 Personal Data Protection

1. The Organizer is the administrator of participants personal data.

2. Personal data of Tournament participants will be processed by the Organizer for the purpose of conducting the Tournament, including awarding prizes. Processing of personal data for the organization of the Tournament also includes the publication of the first name, last name, and
nickname for the purpose of publishing: pairings and tournament results.

3. Personal data of participants will be used and processed by the Organizer in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

4. The participant has the right to access their personal data as well as to correct and supplement them.

5. Providing personal data and giving consent to their processing is voluntary, however, failure to provide them or lack of consent to processing, for organizational reasons, prevents participation in the Tournament.

§7 Final Provisions

1. These Regulations apply to all persons present at the Tournament venue.

2. Complaints and requests are accepted by event coordinators at the convention office and at the
kontakt@parzenica.org.pl email address.

3. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Regulations without the obligation to inform about this fact.

4. In case of doubt, the interpretation of the Regulations belongs to the Organizer.

5. All matters not regulated in these regulations are governed by the venue regulations and the provisions of applicable law.


The Team behind Hegemonalia

Hegemon Squad

What is Hegemon Team? We are Hobbyists 😉 We have been operating since October 2021, putting the customer's needs first, of course.
We support the local community by organizing tournaments, challenges and leagues. There is always someone in the shop who will introduce you to the secrets of painting figurines. We will teach every willing person to play battle games or we will play a friendly battle on a larger or smaller scale. But most of all, we always give you advice 🙂
In cooperation with the Polish National Team in Warhammer 40K, we have created Hegemon Battleforce, which is a response to the needs of new players of this system. We are also the sole sponsor of this particular team.
If you are looking for a battle store, you couldn't find better! You will find here both the most interesting battle games and also game sets, books to play and a number of various accessories and add-ons for both beginners and advanced players. We provide the highest quality customer service and will advise you on any issue related to your hobby. We are also waiting for you in the stationary store in Bielsko-Biała, which is also a unique place to play with friends in a great atmosphere. We invite you to Stojałowskiego 39 from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00.


"Parzenica" is an association established in the Żywiec region with the aim of formalizing the activities of a group of people who vigorously promote alternative ways of spending free time.
As private individuals, we have been operating on this level for years, it was our hands to create all editions of Funcon, as well as the Harucon Manga and Anime Fans Rally in Opole, Festivals of Alternative Cultures Krakon, My Little Konwent, Ponycongress, Asian Festivals Hikari or Aishiteru or our small mountain convention Funcon
Our members have been supporting libraries in Podbeskidzie for years by giving lectures, conducting workshops, teaching how to paint figurines or conducting meetings with board games.
In 2018, on our initiative, the Żywiecki Klub Gier “Planszowa Przystań” (now Żubr) was launched.
The first field branch was established in Poznań, which we created by joining forces with the CONTRUST team, while formalizing the long-term cooperation at the "Hikari" and "Asian Week" Festivals.
Day by day we are developing, expanding our group and creating new projects and implementing emerging ideas and ideas. We also try to help other organizations and institutions.